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When does the ‘Borderlands’ movie release?

Now that's a game adaptation everyone is looking for.

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Good news for all the gaming fans! The wait is over as the release date of one of the popular game adaptations has been announced. We are talking about Borderlands helmed by Eli Roth with the screenplay written by both Roth and Joe Crombie.

The two-time Academy Award-winning actress, Cate Blanchett will pair up with some of the industry’s renowned names such as Kevin Hart, Jamie Lee Curtis, Adrianna Greenblatt, and Jack Black to embark on a challenging but equally intriguing adventure.

Deadline has given a summary of the movie where the protagonist, Blanchett will play a mysterious treasure hunter, Lilith after discovering the missing daughter of the Universe’s most powerful man will team up with a bunch of ‘misfits’ like Roland (Kevin Hart), Tiny Tana (Ariana Greenblatt), Tannis (Jamie Lee Curtis), and Claptrap (Jack Black) to deliver her safely to her father.

If you’re eager to finally see this loved video game franchise land on the big screen then here’s when you’ll want to mark down on your calendar.

What is the Borderlands movie’s release date?

The Borderlands film is set to rally into theaters on Aug. 9, 2024. This means fans have about 12 months to ramp up anticipation before finally getting a payoff. Of course, first things first, we should expect to see some kind of trailer.

So far there has been no official promotion for the film, but that is to be expected. The good news, in the coming months, as we round out 2023 fans should expect more insight into the film and perhaps its first complete trailer early in 2024.

In the current age, movie dates are always shifted and should that be the case with Borderlands have no fear as this article will be updated to reflect that.

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