When will ‘The Northman’ release on streaming?

The Northman
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A brutal film following a young Viking prince on his path to revenge arrives in theaters in a few weeks.

The Northman will debut exclusively in theaters on April 22, poised to blow audiences away with a superb blending of stylized cinematics, savage realism, and eerie mysticism. The film stars Alexander Skarsgård in the lead role alongside a stacked cast that includes Nicole Kidman, Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, and Anya Taylor-Joy.

The film hasn’t even arrived in theaters yet, but audiences — still leery over the persisting COVID-19 pandemic — are already looking ahead to its release on streaming. If you’re looking forward to witnessing the brutal glory of The Northman but aren’t planning to see it in theaters, here’s how long you’ll have to wait.

When does The Northman release on streaming?

The Northman
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Audiences who miss The Northman‘s theatrical run may not have long to wait before the film arrives on streaming services. Households with access to only a few streaming services, like Netflix, will have far longer to wait, however, thanks to a deal between Universal and NBC’s Peacock. The latest film from legendary director Robert Eggers comes from Focus Features and Universal, which will limit its distribution via streaming.

The deal between Peacock and Universal is great news for subscribers to NBC’s streaming service, however, who will find themselves faced with a far shorter wait than their peers on Netflix. The film could arrive on Peacock as early as 45 days following its release to theaters, according to Decider, giving viewers with a Peacock subscription access as soon as early June.

Viewers with exclusive access to streaming via services like Netflix or HBO Max have a far longer wait ahead of them. A deal between Netflix and Universal will eventually give viewers access to The Northman, but not for several years. A deal struck between the two allow Universal films to appear on Netflix “about 4 years after release,” according to What’s on Netflix, which should give Netflix subscribers access to the film sometime in 2026.

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