Where Can I Watch John Wick?

Image via Summit Entertainment

If you’re an action movie fan, then you’ve most likely already seen John Wick. First released in 2014, the film is touted as one of the most violent and impressive displays of on-screen choreography in the genre.

Since the first film’s launch, there have been two additional entries in the franchise, with a fourth on the horizon. What began as a self-contained story has developed into a massive interconnected world of hitmen, money, and power.

If you have yet to see this iconic action series or are simply looking to watch it all over again, it’s never a bad time to watch Keanu do what he does best. But is there a good place to see all that he has to offer as Wick?

Where can I watch John Wick?

john wick

Right now, it doesn’t seem that you can stream John Wick or its sequels for free on any service in the US. This means that your options are limited to using a VPN to gain access to content outside of the region or purchasing/ renting the films.

Some international services that users may find one or all of the films on depending on their location include Netflix, Sky Go, and Binge. Not all of these services have each film, so if you plan on using a VPN to access them, you may want to investigate further before subscribing.

If none of these services are available in your region and you aren’t interested in using a VPN, you can always rent or purchase any of the films in the series from Apple TV or Prime Video. We’ll be the first to update you if and when all three films in the John Wick franchise⏤soon to be four⏤drop on one streaming service in the near future.