Where Can I Watch The Lord Of The Rings Movies?

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While there are plenty of fantasy film franchises dominating the mainstream today, there’s one in particular who rules them all. That, of course, is Lord of the Rings, the iconic trilogy that spawned its own prequel films, all of which were inspired by the classic Tolkien novels and collectively comprise one of the longest viewing runs in modern cinema.

If you’re a fan of the franchise, then you’ve probably already tried your hand at⏤or heard of someone trying their hand at⏤binging the extended cut of these iconic movies back-to-back. While back in the day this meant getting your hands on a boxed set of DVDs, you can now do this with the click of a few buttons thanks to streaming.

The Lord of the Rings trilogy has had many homes on the streaming front during recent years, and while Amazon is developing a spin-off series set in Middle-earth, there’s only one place where you can currently binge all of the LOTR films right now.

Where can I watch Lord of the Rings?

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Right now you can check out the Lord of the Rings trilogy on HBO Max, where all three films are currently streaming. If you really want to complete your watch, you can throw in the three Hobbit movies as well, all of which are also available on HBO Max right now.

If you’re an international viewer and don’t have access to HBO Max, your options for streaming the movie will differ. For those in Australia, Netflix has you covered, while UK fans will need to check it out on Sky Go.

For those who can’t access any of these services, the trilogy can be purchased or rented on AppleTV and Amazon Prime.