First Look At White House Down With Jamie Foxx & Channing Tatum

White House Down. Now there’s a title that fires up the imagination in a very specific way: explosions, one-liners, bullet holes ripping through the Oval Office. And, then, of course, that key moment when the protagonist (trapped inside the building, of course) deadpans over the radio: “White House Down.” That’s also the moment when audiences grin and nod their heads approvingly: the non-verbal way of saying “Shit just got real.

Perhaps a little too much on the Michael Bay side for our liking. Then again, if your stars are Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum and you’ve got apocalypse nut Roland Emmerich at the helm, there might be something to salvage in a White House-based action blockbuster.

Especially with Tatum’s natural charisma spilling all over the screen (he’s gorgeous, okay?) as a wannabe Secret Service Agent charged with protecting Foxx’s (probably extremely cool) President from a terrorist attack. Maybe Foxx will even get a line like, uh, “Get off my… White House.” Like in… Air Force One. Remember? Ahem. No?

Anyway, here are a whole bunch of new photos for the movie that you can enjoy or not enjoy, depending on how this film makes you feel.

White House Down will explode its way into theatres on June 28th 2013.

Source: The Film Stage

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