Who is Amy Schumer’s husband?

Amy Schumer
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The world of comedy is well acquainted with Amy Schumer by now.

The 41-year-old stand-up comedian and actress blasted her way onto the comedy scene in the mid-to-late 2000s, but didn’t become a broadly recognizable presence until the 2010s. She’s been a mainstay on Comedy Central in the years since, releasing several specials and participating in a number of popular roasts. 

She’s also appeared in several comedic films, including 2015’s Trainwrecked and 2021’s The Humans. Schumer’s popularity has faded somewhat in the years since she entered the scene as an edgy new comic, but she retains her status as a crowd favorite comedian.

Schumer’s husband doesn’t boast the same celebrity status as his wife, but he did appear in one of her projects, Amy Schumer Learns to Cook, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Amy Schumer’s husband

Amy Schumer Chris Fischer
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Schumer is married to chef and farmer Chris Fischer. His claim to fame doesn’t involve nearly as many dirty jokes, but he did publish a cookbook that won the James Beard Award for American Cooking in 2016. His cookbook, The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, celebrates “a year of cooking and farming on the island of Martha’s Vineyard,” according to Goodreads

Fischer’s book is praised as “A beautiful ode to family and the farming/fishing traditions of Martha’s Vineyard” by reviewers and is broadly considered a wonderful addition to any seaside chef’s collection. 

Schumer and Fischer married in Malibu, California in February of 2018. They’ve shared four years of marriage together, welcoming a son into their family in May of 2019.