Who Is Gal Gadot’s Husband?

Gal Gadot Fast & Furious

Thanks to her portrayal of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is one of the most admired women in the world. The 36-year-old Israeli actress has become an iconic figure for both women and little girls, as many view the Wonder Woman character as a symbol of beauty and strength. Every so often, you’ll find social media brimming with cosplay of Gal Gadot’s version of the DC heroine. It’s clear that Gadot’s influence on audiences has come a long way from her early days as Gisele Yashar in the Fast & Furious series, but every journey is made more interesting by the people in your corner. In the film Wonder Woman, Diana Prince had Steve Trevor, but in real life, who has been supporting Gal Gadot?

Of course, with every red carpet event, actors and actresses use the opportunity to invite their significant others into the bright lights of Hollywood. So, it’s pretty likely that you’ve seen Gal Gadot accompanied by a distinguished silver-haired man at some of her movie releases. But since Gadot only occasionally shares posts of him in her Instagram feed, not much is known about the man or their relationship. However, the actress is reported to be a married woman, so there’s a pretty good chance that the man who has a recurring presence in her life is none other than her life partner. So who is Gal Gadot’s husband?

According to Pure Wow, 46-year-old Yaron Varsano is an Israeli real estate developer and businessman who met Gadot in 2006 through mutual friends at a yoga retreat in the Israeli desert. Despite their ten-year age gap, the two would quickly bond over common interests and begin dating soon after. 

“We met nearly ten years ago through mutual friends at this very strange party in the Israeli desert,” Gadot revealed in a 2016 interview with Glamour magazine, “It was all about yoga, chakras and eating healthy—we didn’t exactly find ourselves there, but we found each other.”

Not much is known about the couple’s relationship after they started dating, but Good Housekeeping has reported that Varsano proposed to Gadot in 2008, and the couple got married later that same year.

When Gadot’s career began to take off as she was cast in Fast & Furious 4, and the couple had to do a lot of moving back and forth between Israel and the United States. In their search for a place to stay in Los Angeles, the couple discovered an apartment complex within a hotel, and the discovery inspired Varsano to develop the Varsano Hotel in Tel Aviv. Previously run by Varsano, Gadot, and Varsano’s brother–Guy Varsano–the hotel was sold in 2015 for a hefty $26 million. 

Recently the couple has welcomed a newborn girl–Daniella–into the growing family with two other daughters, Alma and Maya. Though the couple has been quite busy raising their family and building their fortune, they are still very much in love. For their 12th wedding anniversary, Yarsano and Gadot posted an adorable pic on Instagram, with the actress posting a warm caption expressing her adoration for her husband.

“You’re my one. My only. My everything,” she said in the caption. “12 years of marriage feels like a walk in the park with you. To many more to come. I’m yours forever.” 


Gal Gadot may only act as Wonder Woman in the movies, but it’s clear that the actress has found herself an actual Steve Trevor in real life.