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Who should play the DC Universe’s Zatanna?

With a Zatanna movie reportedly in the works, we asked ourselves who should play the DC universe's greatest magician.

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The magic-wielding superhero Zatanna, from the DC universe, should be getting her own movie soon, as word has been around for a while that a script is being worked on. Hopefully, DC makes this film soon, fingers are crossed that Black Adam introduces enough magic into that universe to greenlight a feature film for the character. So, if we were to cast Zatanna, who should play the fishnet-wearing witch? Here are five actresses who could fit the role.

Hailee Steinfeld

No stranger to superheroes, Hailee Steinfeld, star of Hawkeye, would be a pretty good choice to play the popular magician. She would not be the first person to cross between the worlds of Marvel and DC. There is no doubt that the actress would be able to pull off the stunts, just watch Hawkeye and see her performance as Kate Bishop to see her in action. Plus, Steinfeld bears a likeness to the DC heroine. But having already played Kate Bishop and Spider-Gwen in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the actress might not want to add another franchise to her plate.

Alexandra Daddario

Best known for Baywatch and Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief, Alexandra Daddario might be a great pick for Zatanna. She certainly is a fan-favorite, and she looks the part as well. She has actually toed the lines of Marvel and DC before in animated roles. Daddario voiced Lois Lane in Superman: Man of Tomorrow and The Wasp in the mobile game Marvel Avengers Academy. If she wanted to do a live-action role, Zatanna would certainly be appropriate.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke has expressed in the past that after Terminator, Star Wars, and Game of Thrones she is not interested in another giant franchise. However, if she were willing to play around in the DC universe, she could make an excellent Zatanna. After all, Emilia Clarke hasn’t been in any superhero franchise yet, but her past roles prove she has all the charisma needed. She did launch her own comic last year, M.O.M, so she might have an interest in the superhero world. She also would be one of the more famous actresses on this list to bring star power to the role.

Camilla Luddington

Luddington is known for her ongoing role as Jo Wilson in Grey’s Anatomy and as Lara Croft in the last few Tomb Raider games. She has also voiced Zatanna in a few Justice League animated feature films, providing some first-hand experience with a character that she could easily transfer to a live-action role. 

Ana De Armas

ana de armas no time to die

After No Time to Die, Ana De Armas surely would not be a stranger to action cinema. She would be a perfect fit for the charming sorceress. She has been fantastic in other films like Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049. The charisma of Ana De Armas would surely suit the character of Zatanna, especially after how she stole the show in Blade Runner 2049.

Those are our picks for Zatanna in the DCU! Let’s hope we get the backward-speaking magician on the big screen sooner rather than later.

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