Here’s Why Jean Grey Didn’t Make That Deadpool 2 Cameo


On paper, Deadpool 2 is an incredibly smart sequel with clever in-jokes and pop culture references galore.

But there’s one scene, in particular, that drew an audible gasp from the audience. Yes, we’re referring to that brief (and brilliant!) X-Men cameo from the entire ensemble of Days of Future Past – save for Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, who couldn’t make it due to a scheduling clash with a little-known fantasy series called Game of Thrones.

Or so says director David Leitch, who touched base on Turner’s absence during the Deadpool 2 commentary track (h/t Cinema Blend), which has yielded all manner of secrets and trivia about 2018’s other major comic book sequel – the other being Avengers: Infinity War, of course.

It might have been one of those things where we’re up against it, and it’s like, who’s available that day by the time we had to get the shot and get it down to us… we’re grateful to have anyone we could get at that point.

So, there you have it; while she’s expected to enjoy a landmark role during X-Men: Dark Phoenix, a cosmic-fuelled prequel in which she plays the titular entity, Sophie Turner was all tied up with Westeros, and was therefore unable to swing by the Fox lot while David Leitch and Co. were filming Deadpool 2.

Granted, Leitch was somewhat spoilt for choice when it came to casting his high-profile mutants for the X-Mansion scene, so it’s fair to say that Turner’s Jean Grey wasn’t exactly missed.

Elsewhere, Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut is all set to reach Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow, August 21st, and you can watch the suitably insane new promo to sate your appetite.