Why Priyanka Chopra says ‘I’m still a red pill girl’

Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

Although some of the season’s most anticipated releases have opened, the rest of the year still has plenty of premieres for movie fans to look forward to, and Priyanka Chopra is reminding everyone why the upcoming The Matrix Resurrections should be on everyone’s radar.

In a five-minute interview with India Today, Chopra discusses several aspects of her Matrix Resurrections experience, including working with legendary co-star Keanu Reeves alongside returning vets such as Carrie-Anne Moss and Jada Pinkett Smith. The actress made a firm selection when asked whether she would choose to take the movie franchises’ iconic red or blue pills. “I’m still a red pill girl,” stated Chopra, who explained. “I will always be in the direction of the truth. I’m a truth seeker, and as much as ignorance is bliss, I like to live in the real.” But, the star winkingly added, “I might take a blue pill for a week or something for a vacation.”

Chopra portrays the adult version of the character Sati, who appeared as a child in the trilogy finale The Matrix Revolutions. Sati is an exile, a program in the Matrix that no longer serves any purpose but has refused or escaped deletion. The Oracle predicted she would someday significantly impact the worlds of men and machines. The character met Reeves’ Neo shortly before the end of the Machine Wars.


Chopra discussed working with the production team to bring her own influence to the adult version of the character, with a particular inspiration being her Indian heritage. “My jacket has borders of saris in it. The pants that I’m wearing, we’ve tried to make it like a dhoti so that it has a very subtle homage to who she is, where she comes from, and how proud she feels about her heritage and culture.”

The actress also discussed her impressions of the first Matrix film, which came out in 1999 when she was 17 years old. The star remembered “always wearing black leather, not smiling too much. Having those sunglasses. I really think the Matrix franchise shifted culture and shifted cinema.”


American audiences can see Chopra in The Matrix Resurrections when it hits theaters and streaming on December 22. Then, catch her next year alongside Eternals star Richard Madden in Amazon Prime’s new spy thriller series, The Citadel.