This New Avengers 4 Plot Leak Is A Bit Too Crazy To Be True


Every Marvel fan has their own theories about how Avengers 4 will wrap up the story that began in Infinity War and, by extension, the whole of the MCU so far. This “plot leak” that comes our way via the ever-(un)reliable 4Chan, however, allegedly lays out the whole story of the movie and though it makes for a fun read, it seems a bit too crazy to be true.

Things start off pretty acceptable with Ant-Man escaping the Quantum Realm, arriving in the past and meeting a young Hank Pym in order to devise a way to time travel. However, the wheels soon come off when Eternity – as in the cosmic comic book character – drops by to help them out, creating some time gauntlets for the Avengers to use.

As has been theorized before, Thor then travels to Hel and makes a deal with Hela to get an army of fallen Asgardians. As he realizes what the Avengers are trying to do, Thanos sends his army to battle Thor’s. During the conflict, both the God of Thunder and Captain America perish. And this is all in the first act.

The second act then takes the shape of the time travelling nostalgia trip we’re expecting. Movies that will be revisited apparently include The Avengers (the young Cap’s recruited to replace the dead one) and Thor (Hawkeye pinches the Infinity Gauntlet seen in Odin’s trophy room). With the help of Captain Marvel and Doctor Strange – who escapes Soul World – the heroes kill Thanos and the Infinity Stones are destroyed.

Now, here’s where things get really crazy. It turns out the Thanos arc is wrapped up at the end of act two. From there, Eternity returns and proves to be the real big bad. It’s revealed in a big twist that he’s actually Tony Stark from the future, who’s become a super being as he hoovered up the energy of the destroyed Stones.

In a second twist, Eternity then reveals that he’s also known as Kang the Conqueror – as in the Fantastic Four villain. Following that, there’s another big fight before Strange kills the present Iron Man to stop him from becoming Eternity and everything is well again. Oh, and the post-credits scene sees Ultron return.

It’s fair to say that this isn’t the way we expected Avengers 4 to go. Particularly that the happy ending is the heroes killing an evil Tony Stark. As we said above, this all seems a bit too crazy to be true, but if it’s on point, it looks like we’ve got quite a ride coming when the film hits cinemas next May.