Will Chris Hemsworth Return For Star Trek 4?


You may not remember, but at one point, Thor star Chris Hemsworth was actually a part of the rebooted Star Trek franchise. The actor played Captain Kirk’s father in the 2009 film’s prologue and now, we’re hearing that he may be coming back for the inevitable Star Trek 4.

Nothing official has been confirmed just yet, but at the press day for Star Trek Beyond, J.J. Abrams was asked whether or not the producers have already come up with any ideas for another instalment, to which he replied:

“Yes, and there’s something that hopefully we’re figuratively minutes away from talking about. The answer is 100% yes, and it’s incredibly exciting.”

Of course, the decision to put another Star Trek into production ultimately lies in how Star Trek Beyond performs at the box office, but given the very positive early reactions that we’ve been seeing, we’re inclined to believe that Paramount will have no issue giving us another space-set adventure.

As for Hemsworth, the news comes from reporter Scott Mantz’s Twitter account, where he reports that the Marvel star will be in the new film.

Despite Abrams confirming it, Hemsworth’s involvement is still far from concrete, and we’ll just have to wait and see on whether he really returns or not. Either way, if you’re looking for more space adventures with your favorite crew, you can catch the next film in the franchise, Star Trek Beyond, when it zooms into theatres on July 22nd.