Will ‘Encanto’ be available to stream on Disney Plus?


Disney’s latest animated film is Encanto, and it’s releasing soon. The movie follows the story of the Colombian Madrigal family, who live tucked away in the mountains in a magical town that shares the title’s name.

Each of the Madrigals has a special power except for one: Mirabel, played by Stephanie Beatriz. However, once she finds out that the magical town is in danger, it’s up to her to save it.

Theatrical releases have been dicey during the pandemic, with some services opting for simultaneous streaming releases or specific theatrical windows. Scarlett Johansson famously sued Disney only a few months ago after her Black Widow movie was released on Disney Plus. The case was settled and the two parties are back in good graces.

With the release of Encanto, viewers want to know if it’s going to get a theatrical exclusive or whether it will also be coming to the company’s streaming service, and when.

Disney will release Encanto on Nov. 24 and it will be in theaters exclusively for 30 days. This means that on Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, the movie will be available to stream on Disney Plus.

Because of the 30-day window, subscribers won’t have to pay an extra fee to view it on Disney Plus Premier Access.

Encanto will feature original music from Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) and was directed by Byron Howard (Zootopia) with a screenplay from Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith.

Miranda told Indiewire that he wanted to get in on any Latino-themed Disney movie early on in the process.

“I remember saying to Tom Macdougall [president of Disney Music], I want to be in on the ground floor for the next one, and if you guys are ever making a Latino-themed animated musical, I’m your guy,” Miranda said. “And so to work with the dream team — Byron Howard and Jared Bush and Charise Castro Smith — and really start to work together with an original story around the theme of a Latino family was special.”

Are you going to see Encanto in theaters or wait for it to arrive on Disney Plus? Let us know below.