Will Ferrell And Adam McKay Team Up For Animated Superhero Comedy Henchmen



Bron Studios has an animated short film premiering at SIGGRAPH 2014 (an annual conference on computer graphics and techniques) called Henchmen: Ill Suited, which has apparently already captured the attention of Gary Sanchez Productions heads Adam McKay, Will Ferrell, and Chris Henchy. According to Deadline, the trio have signed on to produce a feature film adaptation of the short, titled Henchmen

Targeted for release in 2016, the film will be directed by Adam Wood, the director of the short film. Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live writer Dennis McNicholas has been brought on to write the script.

Henchmen: Ill Suited tells the tale of a dreamy janitor working in the “bad guy museum” of Supervillain City, and ends up in an out-of-control super-suit that causes havoc and mayhem. The feature-length version will tell a similar story, but focus on a “fallen henchmen” named Hank, who oversees a “motley crew of blue-collar workers” in the Union of Evil. Hank must become a hero when a hapless young twerp winds up inside a dangerous super-suit, in order save him and the missing woman he loves.

Honestly, this project sounds a lot like the Dreamworks animated film Megamind, which starred Will Ferrell as a supervillain who finally defeats his nemesis, only to get bored of his newfound victory and create a new hero to fight. When that hero goes bad, it’s up to Megamind to stop him and save Metro City. I’m a really big fan of Megamind, and think Henchmen has the potential to find similar success… I just hope it finds a way to stand apart and tell a new, unique story.

Check out the teaser for Henchmen: Ill Suited below, and let us know what you think about the idea to adapt it into a feature in the comment section.

Source: Deadline

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