Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, and Will Forte teaming up for new comedy

Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell has spent pretty much the entirety of the last 20 years doing the same character in perpetuity, but at some stage, the 54-year-old is going to have to admit that his days of playing either a petulant or oblivious man-child have come to an end.

However, it looks as though that day won’t be coming for a while yet, after The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Ferrell is set to team up with Jamie Foxx and Will Forte for new comedy Strays, which should at least be worth checking out given the sheer caliber of proven comic talent involved.

In even more exciting news, the project is going to be an adult-skewing hybrid of live-action and CGI to be directed by Josh Greenbaum, who most recently delivered the instant cult classic Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar. On top of that, American Vandal‘s Dan Perrault is penning the script, so that’s a whole host of hilarious folks involved, and we haven’t even mentioned that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are among the producers.

Ferrell will play an abandoned dog who teams up with other stray animals left at the pound to seek revenge on their human owner, with Forte filling the live-action part, and Foxx as another canine companion. Based on nothing but the names of the key creative players on the other side of the camera, Strays has the potential to be fantastic.