Marvel Fan Asks For Terminally Ill Friend To See Avengers 4 Early


Terminally ill fans getting private advance screenings of upcoming movies seems to be becoming a trend. Back in 2015, J.J. Abrams screened a rough cut of The Force Awakens to Daniel Fleetwood, who died a week after having his wish fulfilled. A similar situation took place with Rogue One as well, when Neil Hanvey was allowed to see the movie two days before its release date. Doing it seems like a no-brainer for studios: you get the warm fuzzies for performing a good deed and you get a buttload of great, free press.

Now, a 20-year-old Canadian student named Chantelle Peterson hopes to have her dying wish fulfilled by asking Marvel if she can view some early footage of Avengers 4, which isn’t due out until May 2019. Twitter user @RobinWolfaim has reached out to many of the stars of the movie in the hopes that they can have a word with Kevin Feige and see if there’s something she can watch.

Check out her Tweet below:

@Marvel @MarvelStudios @DisneyPixar @RobertDowneyJr @ChrisEvans @MarkRuffalo @prattprattpratt @TomHolland1996 How many likes on this post to get a friend with terminal ALS spoilers for Avengers 4, or a preview of whats been cut so far, before Jun 30th. (She is a mega Marvel fan)

Peterson’s situation differs quite a bit from the two Star Wars fans who got to see those installments early, as there’s a pretty long gap between now and the film’s release date. But working in her favor is that the Russo brothers shot Infinity War and Avengers 4 back to back, so somewhere in Marvel Studios HQ, there has to be a big pile of unedited footage just waiting to be cut into the finished product. Most of this stuff will have incomplete FX and music, but you’d have to imagine that there’s at least some kind of rough cut that could be screened, right?

Even if footage can’t be rustled up in time, surely there’s a member of the Avengers cast who can be flown up to Ontario to make a terminally ill woman’s final days that much more special? C’mon Marvel Studios, you’ve raked in billions already this year, why not spend a couple of bucks to make one fan happy before they die?

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