Will Nick Fury End Up Being A Skrull In Captain Marvel?


As you surely know by now, Captain Marvel is set to feature the alien Skrulls as the villains of the piece. The shapeshifting green-skinned intergalactic meanies have been stalwarts of the Marvel comic book universe for decades, but it was previously assumed that Marvel Studios didn’t have the rights to them.

Usually, the race has been tied into the Fantastic Four, who rest over at Fox. Now that that’s not an issue anymore, though, the Skrulls will be entering the MCU in next year’s Brie Larson-led flick. The circumstances surrounding the role they’ll play in the movie aren’t clear, of course, but we do know that they’ll be involved, and a certain fan favorite character just might reveal himself to be one of them.

Chalk this up as speculation for now, but Samuel L. Jackson recently took to Instagram to share a few set pics of him getting a lifecast. On the surface, they seem innocent enough and fairly unexciting, but look a little closer and you’ll see why fans are getting riled up.

For those who don’t know, a lifecast creates a three-dimensional copy of a specific body part or parts with an extreme level of detail. While Jackson could be getting one for any number of reasons, the internet believes that this is proof that Nick Fury’s indeed a Skrull in disguise and has been hiding in plain sight this whole time, with the lifecast helping the crew create a shapeshifting Fury impostor

Again, this is all just speculation and like we said, a lifecast could be used for a ton of different things. But with the Skrulls confirmed to be involved, you’ve gotta admit that this theory is pretty interesting and will only make the wait for the pic to arrive that much tougher.

Speaking of which, the “sassy, smartass” Carol Danvers will officially be drafted into the MCU on March 8th, 2019 thanks to Captain Marvel. And after that? A supporting role in the fourth Avengers movie, before Brie Larson’s heroine goes on to shape Phase 4.