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Will Smith in a Marvel movie? The viral A.I. Will Smith as Blade art, explained

Some ideas are always trying to ice skate up hill.

blade II
Photo via New Line Cinema

Entertainer Will Smith is a man famous for many things. He is the softest person to ever release rap music, has seen his wife get into entanglements with others, has flirted with Scientology and now people are wondering just what he’d do as Marvel’s Blade.

If you have not seen the imagery as of this story’s filing, there is currently some A.I.-generated art of the Oscar-winning slapper in the role Wesley Snipes made famous floating around on Twitter. It has been reported on by sites like FandomWire, and, while the first lines of their piece on the creation make it clear it is not real and Mahershala Ali is still on track to play the character whenever the movie manages to get made for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, some without media literacy believe it is real.

We will again reiterate it is not something which is going to happen, and, while the images of Smith have some resemblance to reality, the weapon he is wielding does not seem to be quite right and there is also no definitive proof he is the famed vampire hunter in the generated shot. Here, the 54-year-old easily looks like he could also be a part of one of the Matrix films or a part of a newer gritty take on content he has been in like Suicide Squad or the Men in Black movies. While suggestions on a certain actor playing a certain role usually draw in some supporters who say it could work, here, this has not happened yet and hate is high.

Whether Smith (who was once afraid to act with RuPaul) would ever stretch himself this way or will get the opportunity to remains to be seen. Since his incident at the Oscars with Chris Rock, he only has released the made-before-the-incident Emancipation and only has an untitled fourth film in the Bad Boys series on deck. Some in the industry have said he has “no chance” of a future like the highs he once enjoyed, but, people are starting to come around.

For now, all anyone can do is wait and see. Smith is currently producing Bel-Air on TV and the Blade movie with Mahershala Ali is scheduled for Valentine’s Day 2025. Little is known about its story and it will feature Mia Goth, Delroy Lindo, and Aaron Pierre.

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