Will Smith would love to see the ‘Suicide Squad’ Ayer Cut

deadshot, suicide squad

Even though Warner Bros. and DC Films have never shown even the slightest interest in making it a reality, the support behind the mythical Ayer Cut of Suicide Squad hasn’t wavered one iota.

Fans continue to campaign for the filmmaker’s original vision to be brought to life, and given how Zack Snyder’s Justice League dominated the cultural conversation for the majority of 2021, it’s a little surprising that the studio haven’t at least taken it under consideration.

It isn’t just the fans who’ve thrown their weight behind the Ayer Cut, though, with several notable Suicide Squad alumni publicly backing the project, including Joel Kinnaman and Jared Leto. We can now add Will Smith to that list, as he revealed to Variety during the red carpet premiere for Bel-Air.

“Let me tell you, there’s a whole lot that stayed on the floor for Suicide Squad. I’m into it. I love that world. I love what was created in both versions. I absolutely would love to.”

James Gunn’s hybrid of sequel and reboot may have flopped at the pandemic-riddled box office, but it went down in the history books as one of the DCEU’s best-reviewed movies ever, even if it didn’t directly connect to its predecessor at all.

The Snyder Cut has shown there’s a precedent already in place, but as always, the ball for Suicide Squad V2.0 remains firmly in WB’s court.