Can Solo: A Star Wars Story Pull Out Of Its Box Office Nosedive?


It’s been publicized far and wide that Disney and Lucasfilm’s Solo: A Star Wars Story has failed to set the box office alight in the same ways as its Star Wars siblings. However, early predictions are suggesting that the standalone movie may still occupy the number one spot at theaters come this weekend. Can that be enough to reverse the fortunes of our favourite scruffy-lookin’ nerf herder, though?

Analysts are convinced that the pic will have defended its position at the number one slot come Monday morning, with just over $30 million behind it. However, this is a huge 60% drop from its already disappointing $84.4 million take during its highly publicized three day debut last weekend. Whereas Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s success was initially thought to have been hampered by reduced theatre visits over Memorial Day weekend, reports suggest that the holiday has been the most successful for cinemas since 2014, with this year racking up a total of $227.6 million.

Facing stiff box office competition from Avengers: Infinity War (which looks set to smash $2 billion dollars as we speak) and Deadpool 2 (which is eyeing up a $21 million third weekend), Han’s solo outing is only receiving a slither of the critical acclaim and it seems like an uphill struggle for the titular hero and co. from here on out. It is worth noting though that previous blockbusters released over Memorial Day weekend have also suffered a similar fate but…this is Star Wars. Everything’s amplified.

Whether there was talk of a Solo sequel being on the cards or not, it seems unlikely that this box office disappointment will affect Disney’s decision to push on with some of the film’s developments, of which there are many. And with productions from that galaxy far, far away lined up for a long, long, time to come, Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s shortcomings will no doubt soon be forgotten.

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