Will ‘The Flash’ movie be cancelled?

ezra miller the flash justice league snyder cut
Image via Warner Bros.

Despite being one of the most anticipated upcoming films for DC fans, The Flash is potentially not going to be released. Star of the movie Ezra Miller continues to make headlines for bad behavior, including recently arrested on felony burglary charges.

With all of Miller’s controversies and the recent cancellation of Batgirl by Warner Bros., it is no wonder that fans are wondering about the plan for the upcoming The Flash movie.

Is the movie cancelled?

ezra miller the flash justice league
Warner Bros.

As of now, the movie is not officially cancelled. However, Warner Bros. is considering cancelling the film due to the controversy and negative media attention surrounding Miller. The problem is that Warner Bros. would not only have to cancel the film, but they would also need to reshoot scenes in different movies where Miller makes appearances as the character. Warner Bros. has already sunk over $200 million into The Flash alone.

The film has scored very well amongst trial audiences and has even been called the best DCEU film that has been made in some time. The film is going to target the idea of Flashpoint, a moment in time that another timeline or universe is created. The fact that Warner Bros. has even started to consider the cancellation of the film should tell fans that there is now a very realistic chance that it will never see the light of day. Miller has also talked about not wanting to continue to play the character in the future. After recent actions made by Miller and the fact that Miller has talked about not wanting to play the character, DCEU is almost certainly looking for a new actor to take over the role.

The obvious choice for recasting is Grant Gustin, the actor who has already played the Flash on television for eight seasons and coming up on his ninth. Gustin reportedly auditioned for the movie before being cast in the television show. Fans who watch the show know that Gustin is the perfect new Flash character and could anchor a film should DC and Warner Bros. consider him for the role. For now, the movie is not cancelled and Miller is still the Flash, however, that could all change very soon.