Will The Flash Movie Feature These Heroes And Villains?


When Ezra Miller suits up as The Flash for his 2018 solo adventure, he’ll obviously have support from several DC Comics mainstays, and a character breakdown sent around to casting agencies would seem to have revealed which specific friends and foes will be joining the Scarlet Speedster.

There are a couple of obvious choices (it was always likely Iris, at least, would feature for example) but also some surprises given how closely the inclusion of certain characters would skew so closely to what The CW have been doing with their small screen take on the The Flash.

At any rate, take a look for yourselves. Heroic Hollywood has added a breakdown of what they’ve heard about each character as well, and you check it all out below.

IRIS WEST: Iris West is described in the breakdown as having Christiane Amanpour’s brains and Carrie Bradshaw’s style. An overcaffinated doe. A reporter at The Central City Citizen. Actresses are currently testing for this part.

EOBARD THAWNE: Eobard Thawne is described in the breakdown as Central City’s Bill Gates. The smartest man in the room and he suffers from advanced degenerative disease like Stephen Hawking. Thawne is confined to a chair.

FRED CHYRE: Fred Chyre is described in the breakdown as a gruff detective who first meets Barry at the scene of a crime. Now they’re colleagues and the closest thing Barry has to a friend. Chryre is investigating the unusual death of someone at Thawne Laboratories

LEN SNART: Len Snart is described in the breakdown as being ex-military and turns out to be working for Thawne. Have a feeling he is the muscle the way Anatoli Knyazev (aka the KGBEAST) was the muscle for Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice.

JAY GARRICK: Jay Garrick is described in the breakdown as being a former Central University professor who was fired for fringe science, and was working on the speed force program. Supposedly his role is just a cameo.

Warner Bros. have always maintained that they’ll be taking a different approach to the character than the TV series has, so it’s interesting that they’ll also be utilizing the likes of Wells and Garrick, who featured so prominently in some of the show’s most popular arcs.

That’s if this is even on the level, of course. I guess we’ll find out when The Flash races into theaters on March 16, 2018.