Will We Be Getting Top Gun 2?

Although the latest Tom Cruise flick, Knight and Day, bombed at the box office, the guy is still a pretty bankable movie star. He has some great films in his filmography and he is easily one of the biggest stars on the planet. Now, The Playlist reports, that we could be seeing a sequel to the film Top Gun, a film that really helped thrust Cruise into stardom.

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer was talking to MTV about the possibility of making a sequel and said that he has been approached many times by various people who want to make the film.

“We were recently approached again to start talking about it but, you know, nothing yet,” Bruckheimer said. He added, “We kicked around some ideas because the aviation community has completely changed since we made the movie a long time ago. So we have to find a way in and how to incorporate the Maverick character into it.”

I don’t see any reason why they wouldn’t make a sequel. The first one did very well and became an instant classic. I think a second one would be exactly what Cruise needs for his career right now. I for one would be all for seeing a sequel. The original Top Gun is a great movie and I think a sequel would be awesome.

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