William Fichtner Joins Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium

Character actor William Fichtner has a habit of turning up in big movies in usually decent parts. Sometimes they are dirge (Drive Angry 3D, Armageddon) and other times they’re actually quite brilliant (The Dark Knight, Heat). Now Fichtner is getting involved in another big movie and this time, one that hopefully will be good.

Variety reports that Fichtner has joined Neill Blomkamp‘s R-rated, sci-fi epic Elysium. There are no details as of yet on who he’ll play or how big his role will be and details on the script are being kept under lock and key. All we know is that it will carry a similar socially conscious, politically aware brain like District 9 did and is set far in the future. Matt Damon has been attached to star in the lead as an ex-con. Also starring is District 9-collaborator Sharlto Copley and in a smaller role, Jodie Foster. Also on board is legendary futurist designer Syd Mead, most famous for Blade Runner.

Production is set to start in July in Vancouver before moving to Mexico later in the year, before a March 2013 release.