William Fichtner Replaces Dwight Yoakam In Lone Ranger

Deadline is reporting that Dwight Yoakam is out of Lone Ranger and William Fichtner is in. Of course, he’ll also be taking over Yoakam’s role, which was that of the villain. As for the reason that Yoakam had to drop out, it’s said to be a scheduling conflict, which is due to the fact that production was pushed back.

Seeing as I’m not that familiar with Yoakam, I’m pretty happy with this casting replacement. I like Bill Fichtner, a lot. He’s good at playing the villain and he’s sure to bring menace and treachery to the role. The guy is a terrific character actor and I think that director Gore Verbinski has done a good job in casting him.

What about you? Excited to see Fichtner in the role?