Winchester Impresses With Haunting New Trailer


As a longtime fan of Supernatural, it’s very difficult to hear anything about the upcoming flick Winchester and not think of Sam and Dean. But, quite obviously, this movie has nothing to do with them, instead focusing on the enigmatic mansion of the same name.

Perhaps to the surprise of no reader, I’ve had a lifelong affair with the macabre, so it took only mere seconds of viewing the above trailer in order to figure out what this movie is about. Sure, I’d heard it mentioned here and there, but with so many huge releases on the docket for 2018, it can be quite easy for some to become lost in the shuffle.

So, if you too have done your fair share of reading on the paranormal, the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is something you’ve come across at some point. For those unfamiliar, though, it’s a marvel in its own right, thanks to widow Sarah Winchester ordering round-the-clock construction up until the time of her death in 1922.

Basically, she and others believed the residence was haunted by those killed by Winchester rifles, which that led to the house becoming a bizarre labyrinth with doors leading to nowhere, among various other odd design choices. In other words, confusing the spirits was the goal.

Now, in an age where franchises such as The Conjuring have proven to be box office gold, Hollywood is taking this idea to the logical conclusion by serving up one badass-looking movie starring Helen Mirren as the restless Sarah Winchester herself. And, as we can plainly see from the footage provided, those labyrinthine corridors compounded with some scares should make for quite the viewing experience.

Winchester opens in theaters on February 2nd.