Sebastian Stan Reveals What Bucky Would Do With The Infinity Gauntlet


The Infinity Gauntlet is far and away the most powerful weapon ever introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and you know what they say about great power…

But let’s suppose the souped-up Gauntlet fell into someone else’s hands besides Thanos, what would that have looked like? That very question was presented to Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier) during this weekend’s ACE Comic Con in Seattle, Washington (h/t, where the Avengers: Infinity War star revealed that his on-screen character likely would’ve journeyed back in time in order to course-correct the MCU’s timeline before those precious Infinity Stones fell into the Mad Titan’s possession.

Via CB:

There’s only one place he’d go which is back in time, y’know? Yeah, he’d probably go back in time, right, try to fix all of the things he’s done wrong for starters. Maybe not get on that train? I don’t know.

It certainly makes sense, too, as the Winter Soldier was among those characters killed off by Thanos after he snapped those giant purple fingers.

Sebastian Stan still has much to look forward to, of course, given Avengers 4 is right around the corner and Marvel Studios is said to be on the verge of announcing its female director for Black Widow. The long-in-development spinoff movie will reportedly take the form of an MCU prequel, thereby opening up a storyline in which the Winter Soldier and Natasha Romanoff battle spies and Cold War subterfuge in Russia.

It’s yet to be confirmed, mind you, but as far as elevator pitches go, the one for Marvel’s standalone Black Widow film has certainly piqued our attention. Look for Sebastian Stan and Scarlett Johannson to reprise their respective roles once Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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