See All F-Bombs In The Wolf Of Wall Street In 4 Minutes, Plus New Red Band Clip


To see that The Wolf of Wall Street is still making headlines this long after its release has me very happy. Why? Because I freaking loved it. I’ve seen it three times now and can’t get enough of it. It’s just that good.

Though most people have probably had the chance to check out the film by this point, or at least I hope, for those 3 poor, unfortunate souls who haven’t yet seen it, Paramount has released a new red band clip today in hopes of making one last marketing push. Running at just over a minute, it’s actually one of my favorite, and one of the funnier scenes in the film. In it, we see the titular Wolf, aka Jordan Belfort, fighting with his wife in the bedroom. It’s not terribly inappropriate despite its red band nature, but it does contain some strong language.

Speaking of language (see what I did there?), Slacktory have put together an amusing little video. We all know that The Wolf of Wall Street uses the F-word an astonishing 522 times, right? So, what Slacktory did is cut together each use of the word and put it all together in one little clip that runs just over 4 minutes. If you’d like to hear the word “fuck” uttered 522 times in a very short period, then this video is for you. Oh, and unlike the red band clip, this one is very NSFW.

Check out both videos from The Wolf of Wall Street below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.