Wolverine 2 Is Now Called The Wolverine

Some new information on Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming Wolverine film has surfaced today. Firstly, we now know that instead of Wolverine 2, it will be called The Wolverine, which is kind of a stupid title if you ask me. Aronofsky said that it would be a ‘one-off’ and it will live within its own universe and won’t be a sequel in the conventional sense.

Last piece of news we have is that famed cinematographer Matthew Libatique, who worked with Aronofsky on a number of films, is going to be joining the director again for The Wolverine.

While I was surprised at first that Aronofsky took on this film, maybe it will turn out well. It seems as if he’s going to be doing some good things with it. By removing it from the universe of the previous films, it gives him a lot more creative freedom and with the addition of Libatique, we know the film will be shot well. I have a feeling Aronofsky is going to be making a much darker film than we saw with Wolverine, which is a good thing.

Aronofsky is a very talented director and Jackman works well with him as we saw in The Fountain. Who knows, maybe this could turn out to be a worthy reboot, kind of like Batman Begins?

What do you think?