Wolverine 3 May Clinch R Rating After All


It was by no means the first R-rated superhero flick to whip up a storm – Blade, 300 and Watchmen all debuted to varying degrees of success over the past decade or so – but there’s no question that Tim Miller’s barnstorming Deadpool has ignited a renewed interested in adult-oriented comic book films.

Boasting an opening weekend haul of over $130 million, the success of the Merc With a Mouth’s standalone feature has caused everyone to stand up and take notice – particularly top brass at 20th Century Fox. According to an image posted by Reddit user RayChaos, the ‘anticipated rating’ for Wolverine 3 now stands at R.


Alongside the listing, there’s also mention of a theatrical release date: March 3, 2017. At least on paper, that appears to be much sooner than first thought, considering that Hugh Jackman stated only three weeks ago that a script is now complete. That leaves 20th Century Fox and director James Mangold facing a quick turnaround if they really are to push out the conclusive threequel in little over a year’s time.

While we wait official word from the studio, here’s the Reddit image that suggests Fox is at the very least considering an R rating for Wolverine 3 after all.


James Mangold is attached to direct Wolverine 3, which we know will stand as Hugh Jackman’s final outing with the Adamantium claws. But do you think it’ll secure an R rating? Let us know down below.

Source: Reddit

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