Wolverine Fan Art Imagines Hugh Jackman In The Classic Costume

Wolverine Marvel Comics

While you can’t fault his performance, every Wolverine fan wishes that Hugh Jackman had worn Logan’s classic comic book costume at least once in the movies. Sadly, with the actor saying goodbye to the role earlier this year, we’ll never get to see it. Thankfully, though, we’ve got an awesome piece of fan art which gives us a pretty good idea of what it could have looked like.

In keeping with superhero movies’ usually more realistic takes on comic book outfits, Jackman’s Wolverine is given a more armoured version of the traditional suit here, with black detailing instead of the typical blue or brown. However, it still looks awesome and is a damn sight more faithful than any of those boring black jumpsuits he wore in the role for nearly two decades.

Why did the actor never don the costume in the films, you ask? Well, they attempted to get it in here and there (for instance, the suit actually appeared in a deleted scene from The Wolverine), but it just didn’t fit the tone of Fox’s X-Men universe. In fact, Logan revealed that the suit does exist in the franchise’s continuity – it’s just the costume worn by the fictionalized version of the character featured in comic books and action figures.

Of course, if Wolverine was to appear in the much more comics-literate Marvel Cinematic Universe, he might actually wear it. After all, the MCU has never shied away from comic book costumes (at least, unless you’re Iron Fist), and with the Fox/Disney deal set to come through any day now, that could actually become a reality sooner rather than later.

Unfortunately, even if Wolvie was to show up in the MCU though, it definitely won’t be Hugh Jackman. Following some hopeful chatter that he might return, the actor admitted that he would be tempted to do so but has already put the character behind him and is looking forward to seeing a different portrayal of Wolverine rubbing shoulders with Iron Man, Hulk and the rest of the Avengers. Hopefully wearing the classic yellow outfit while they’re at it.