First Pair Of Trailers For The Wolverine Now Online

The Wolverine: First Full Trailer Online We Got This Covered

The Wolverine: First Full Trailer Online We Got This Covered

Sunday saw the first teaser for The Wolverine emerge, though its six-second runtime wasn’t particularly illuminating. Director James Mangold went ahead and tripled that yesterday with another twenty seconds of footage, but fans were still clamoring for an honest-to-goodness trailer for the film: the sort you’d not risk missing by answering the door or, you know, blinking. Rejoice, then, for the film’s first true trailer has arrived. ‘Cause we’re so nice, watch it here, on us. Our treat. Then link your friends and even your enemies to it. Share share share.

And just in case you like your trailers with less international flavor, here’s the US version, too:

From what we can see, the film looks set to offer plenty of angst on the frequently furious X-Man’s part. There’s also a look at Silver Samurai, a potentially awesome train-top throwdown and the reveal that the movie’s general plot seems to be that Wolverine’s offered a chance at mortality, with all the combat disadvantages that brings. While it’s usually too early to tell from such a tentative glimpse, it certainly looks like Mangold knows what he’s doing (in the same way that X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s Gavin Hood did not know what he was doing, at all, for a second of that film’s entire ghastly duration).

The Wolverine is an adaptation of the classic 1982 miniseries by Chris Claremont and Sin City‘s Frank Miller, in which the crouching Canuck’s time spent living and loving in Japan is explored. The four-issue series came to define the majority of runs on the character ever since and it’s pretty surprising it’s not made the transition to the big screen sooner. Claremont’s Days Of Future Past is to serve as inspiration for Bryan Singer’s next entry in the franchise, and various elements of the earlier movies were adapted from his 1980s work as well.

James Mangold (Walk The Line, 3:10 To Yuma) directs from a script by Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie, Scott Frank and Mark Bomback. The film is set for release in late July. As it concerns time and the healing of wounds, are you ready for another X-movie, or has this franchise sullied your trust once too often. To the comments section with you!