Get The Wolverine Plot Basics In New International Trailer


With all the new superhero movies coming out, I had almost lost The Wolverine in the shuffle. But Hugh Jackman’s metal claws and spectacular pectorals cannot be ignored, and my interest is re-awakened with the new international trailer for the James Mangold-directed action-thriller.

So far we’ve had some pretty cool trailers but not a lot of plot basics from the folks over at Marvel. There was something about Logan saving a Japanese man during World War II, a lot of sword fighting and a promise of mortality, but for the most part we did not get much direct information concerning just what the hell this movie’s about. With this trailer, we can now say just what The Wolverine is up to.

Based on what we see here, The Wolverine follows our hero from saving that guy’s life to the more present day, when the man he saved has become a business tycoon. But he wants to give Wolverine a chance at mortality which, as we all know, is Logan’s main concern. Nastiness is afoot, though, and of course nothing is as simple as it seems, for in Logan’s weakened state all forms of badness – mostly female or metal, it appears – are coming after him.

As someone who had some serious issues with X-Men Origins: Wolverine – try to say that ten times fast – I was somewhat trepidatious about dealing with yet another adamantium blockbuster. But honestly, The Wolverine looks pretty cool. This international trailer does not give us a lot of new footage, but it’s all lined up for us and the plot, such as it is, seems like a worthy one. I’m not spotting any silly Ryan Reynolds CGI anywhere near this one either.

The Wolverine is set to open July 26. Check out the new international trailer below and let us know what you think. Will you be there opening night?