Stylish Fan Art Renders Scott Eastwood As The Young Wolverine


Are we staring down the face of Hugh Jackman’s successor?

Before we sink our teeth into this admittedly impressive concept art (h/t, we ask you to cast your mind back to the beginning of the week – Monday, to be specific – when Scott Eastwood expressed his desire to become the next Wolverine.

Best known for his performances across Suicide Squad and the soon-to-be-released Pacific Rim: Uprising, Eastwood is arguably a left-field choice for the coveted gig, given he often plays second fiddle to the leading man. That’s not to say he’d make a bad Wolverine, necessarily; merely that 20th Century Fox (and Marvel Studios!) will likely choose someone with a little more charisma when the time comes to introduce Logan to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Be that as it may, the ridiculously talented BossLogic has produced some new artwork that imagines Scott Eastwood as the young Wolverine. See for yourself:

It’s a moody and remarkably stylish piece to add to the growing collection – one glance at BossLogic’s social media feed reveals a treasure trove of geek-friendly concept art ranging from Batgirl to Wonder Woman 2 and everything (and everyone) in between.

As for Scott Eastwood, it remains to be seen whether Fox will take heed of his aspirations, but one thing’s for sure: the Suicide Squad actor is certainly up to the task.

Yeah, definitely. I mean, you know, If the opportunity presents itself…I love Wolverine. He’s one of my favorite comic book characters of all time. He’s a renegade. Total badass renegade. He’s kind of, you know, a loose cannon…doesn’t play by the rules…he’s the kind of character that I love.

Life after Hugh Jackman continues for the dormant Wolverine franchise, and while Fox has slated X-Men: Dark Phoenix for a release in November, it’ll likely be some time yet before the Powers That Be begin casting the net in search of Jackman’s inevitable successor.