Marvel Fans Think Wolverine Gave Thanos His Scars In The MCU


The latest TV spot for Avengers: Infinity War gave us another look at the much-anticipated, rarely-seen Thanos, as the final shot of the teaser featured an extreme close-up on the character. Apart from showing off the awesome CGI, this also allowed us to get a good look at the nasty triple scar the Mad Titan has running down the left side of his purple face.

Naturally, the shape of the scar has reminded Marvel fans of another iconic character: Wolverine. Wouldn’t it be fun to imagine that the Adamantium Avenger was the one responsible for giving Thanos his injuries? It sure would be, and already that’s what some people are hoping for on Twitter.

Some fans are willing to entertain the more likely option that Thanos’ facial disfigurement is probably due to Black Panther or maybe Captain America. But hey, it’s more fun to think that it’s Wolverine, right?

Others even like to think of this as a kind of backdoor crossover between the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Fox’s X-Men universe. Maybe Thanos has already visited that parallel world and fought Wolverine before coming to the MCU?

The great thing is this idea isn’t as far-fetched as it was just a few months ago. Back in December, it was announced that Disney had acquired 20th Century Fox, thereby bringing the rights to the X-Men back to Marvel Studios. Given that, it’s expected that Wolverine and the rest of Xavier’s team will be integrated into the MCU at some point in Phase Four.

And, if they decide to take the route that the X-Men have always been there, just out of sight, then it’s potentially possible that Wolverine really is responsible for giving Thanos his scars. For example, Spider-Man didn’t return to Marvel until 2016, but it was retroactively agreed that the boy who Tony Stark saves in 2010’s Iron Man 2 was Peter Parker. So basically, hold on to that fan theory, guys, as one day it might become canon.