Hugh Jackman Wants To See A Wolverine vs. Deadpool Movie


At this point, it’s safe to say that Deadpool’s inclusion in the ill-fated and universally-hated X-Men Origins: Wolverine still has fans of the character upset, especially since that solo Deadpool movie we’ve been hearing about for the last few years continues to collect dust on some Fox executive’s shelf. Last we heard, X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner was still interested in bringing the character back to the big screen, and listed the film as one of several potential spinoffs in the future.

Now, longtime X-Men franchise star Hugh Jackman has chimed in, giving his thoughts on bringing Wolverine and Deadpool together again on the silver screen. While doing press for X-Men: Days of Future Past, he talked to IGN and agreed with some of the criticisms, and said that he wants to get it right next time:

“We sort of took a pretty strong choice on Deadpool, where we kind of stitched him up. And I love the character of Deadpool and I think that the sort of badass, fast-talking, funny, annoying Deadpool vs Wolverine would still be cool. We’ve sort of done it, but I think we could have done that much better.”

Yes, a Wolverine vs. Deadpool movie would be cool, and perhaps that’s the angle the filmmakers could take to finally get a greenlight from the studio. A solo, R-rated Deadpool movie is a big risk, even with its potentially modest budget, but throwing Hugh Jackman into the mix could help ease some of those worries. He’s been in every X-Men film so far, including two of his own standalone pictures, and considering he’s now “less sure” about leaving the franchise after Wolverine 3, the door for such a movie is wide open.

It’s also worth noting that both characters have been part of the X-Force team, which may be getting its own spinoff from Jeff Wadlow. Perhaps that could include the big screen reunion between Wolverine and the Merc with a Mouth?

Tell us, would you like to see Wolverine and Deadpool together in a movie again? Or would you rather just get a solo Deadpool movie? Sound off below!

Source: IGN