The Wolverine Writer Now Tied Up In Fifty Shades Of Grey Script


The continuing saga of the Fifty Shades of Grey adaptation is probably more interesting than the film itself will be. First there was the endless speculation on who would play S&M stalker…I mean, romantic lead Christian Grey. Then there was the universal horror at Charlie Hunnam dropping out of the role, only to be replaced by Jamie Dornan (who?). Now, with the cast seemingly in place and a start date looming, we learn that a new screenwriter has been brought in to perform some tweaks on the script.

The Fifty Shades script has already gone through two writers: Kelly Marcel (Terra Nova) and Patrick Marber (Closer). Now The Wolverine scribe Mark Bomback is taking a crack at it, presumably to fix any problems that Marcel and Marber might have missed. Bomback is an odd choice to do script fixes on what’s ostensibly a romantic drama. His screen credits, aside from the execrable Wolverine, include Live Free or Die Hard, the Total Recall remake, and Race to Witch Mountain. He also has his hands in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. Does this mean that Fifty Shades of Grey will now have a few more explosions and possibly a robot or two? Monkeys? Bruce Willis?! I’d pay to see that.

Bomback’s arrival on the scene coincides with the announcement that the production start date for Fifty Shades will now be pushed to December. The release date of August 1, 2014 still stands, but one has to wonder if they’ll make that. They apparently don’t have a workable script just yet.

We can only wonder at what the delays all mean, and if this film will ever actually get made. Script tweaks are not unheard of, of course, but this is already a film that many have questioned the necessity of. I still do not know how it’s going to be anything other than a hardcore porn film.

You can bet that we’ll keep an eye on future Fifty Shades of Grey news; it’s way too fascinating not to.