Wonder Woman 1984 Banner Reveals New Look At Diana

Wonder Woman 1984

In some parallel universe, we’re already gearing up for Wonder Woman 1984‘s theatrical release. Well, we technically are doing so on the Earth on which we reside, but let’s not forget how the highly anticipated sequel had originally been slated for exhibition this November. Instead, we’ll have to wait until next summer for the Amazon Warrior’s next big screen adventure.

So, seeing as how we’re still waiting for the first trailer with bated breath, any new goodie making its way online comes as a welcome surprise. This time, we’ve been treated to a new image of Gal Gadot in full superhero regalia, courtesy of a Licensing Expo going on in Brazil.

As you can see below, Wonder Woman is donning her familiar attire, which has gotten a slight recoloring with each passing movie. Though both photos included in the gallery capture the same banner, I shared two different perspectives. My reasoning for doing so is that while the first one shows the entire shot of her, it’s somewhat blurry. The second, however slightly obscured, is clearer.

At this time, I imagine some of you are asking to see more of her Golden Eagle Armor, and that’s entirely understandable. After being officially unveiled this past June, it was quite thrilling to be assured of how we’ll see Diana wearing multiple costumes. More often than not, superheroes change things up over time throughout their respective film series, and that was the first drastic aesthetic upgrade for this gal (pun intended) we’d seen.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives in theaters on June 5th, 2020, so keep watching this space as more news comes to light. Wishing for a trailer to go alongside Joker this October is probably asking for too much, but it’s probably a certainty we’ll get something before Birds of Prey drops in February. Stay tuned.