Wonder Woman 1984 To Retcon Diana’s Batman V Superman Arc


Gal Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman was one of the best things about Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justicewith it nicely teeing up her own solo film the following year. Ever since, though, the DCEU has been trying to sweep Zack Snyder’s gloomy fight movie under the rug and it seems upcoming sequel Wonder Woman 1984 will follow suit.

That Hashtag Show has revealed some plot info that’s been leaked to them about Gadot’s second solo venture as Diana Prince. Apparently, the Amazonian warrior will be recruited as a spy during the Cold War to hunt down a nefarious Russian secret agent. It will also conflict with Batman V Superman‘s established backstory for the character, however, as Diana will be well-known as a superhero.

This has to be seen as a retcon of Wonder Woman’s original storyline, as BvS featured a subplot in which Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne had to dig deep into Diana’s past after he met her at Lex Luthor’s party to discover her heroic activities during World War I. If she was a famous face 30 years before, this was a bit of a dumb move for the World’s Greatest Detective.

This isn’t the first time we’ve realized that the sequel would abandon the character arc set out in BvS, though. If you think about it, the very fact of WW84‘s existence clashes with that team-up movie, which established that Diana had been laying low for the past 100 years ever since losing Steve Trevor. If she’s being a hero in the 1980s – with Steve also somehow resurrected – that doesn’t really gel with that portrayal.

Wonder Woman 1984 won’t have a Hall H panel at SDCC this year, so don’t expect the first trailer until towards the end of the year. As for the film itself, it lassos into theaters on June 5th, 2020.

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