Wonder Woman 1984 Photo Reveals New Look At Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince


At this stage, it feels like Wonder Woman 1984 has changed its release date about 84 times. Initially, it was due last November/December, before slipping back to June 2020. Thanks to the pandemic, though, that then moved into August and then finally – or, at least, currently – October. While we wait for the movie to arrive at last, then, DC fans are clinging to every scrap of new material they can get. Like this new still, for instance, capturing Gal Gadot looking glamorous as Diana Prince.

Going by her white gown and hair style, fans have worked out that this image must come from a scene where Diana is attending some sort of fancy social function in her civilian disguise. Based on other promo images, we can deduce that this is the same occasion where she first meets both Kristen Wiig’s Barbara Minerva/Cheetah and Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord, who will prove to be her two new nemeses in the sequel.

As we’ve known for a long time now, WW84 will catch up with the Amazonian Princess in the 1980s, where she’s miraculously reunited with long-lost love Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). It’s believed that Lord has been reimagined for the DCEU as a villain with the power to make people’s wishes come true – in this case, bringing Steve back to life. No doubt there will be more tragedy to come for the couple though if Lord has anything to do with it.

Meanwhile, Minerva will begin as a meek scientist who befriends Diana, but she’ll transform – Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman-like – into a feline femme fatal before too long. Again, it’s believed Lord is behind her descent into evil. And though we haven’t seen much of him in the role yet, Pascal’s bound to hand in an entertaining, larger-than-life performance as the crooked businessman.

Wonder Woman 1984 is due to lasso into theaters on October 2nd.