Woman Thinks She Married Captain America After Wisdom Teeth Removal In Funny Video

chris evans captain america

Remember at the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame when Steve Rogers goes back to the 40s to live happily ever after with Peggy Carter? Well, apparently not everyone does, as one woman who recently had her wisdom teeth removed claims that she and Captain America have plans. Lots of plans. And it’s all on video, which you can see here.

In recent times, it’s become a trend to post videos of people after they’ve had their wisdom teeth removed. They’re often loopy, heavily medicated and hilarious, and this case is no different. The woman in question, post-surgery and wearing her Captain America shirt, believes she’s in a relationship with the beloved Avenger.

Another woman in the video, her mom, asks the man next to them to play Cap and give the young lady a kiss. I’m assuming that’s the brother because the look on his face after she asks is priceless and clearly, he wants no part of this.

But it doesn’t end there. Once they’re in the car, the woman realizes that she doesn’t have her wedding ring on. It’s really important that they’re married though because they have to save the world together and because they LOVE America. She also can’t remember if they’ve had sex.

Honestly, we need videos like this right now. Sure, once the woman realizes how many people have seen her bare her soul for Captain America, she might pack up and move. But we could all use a laugh during these trying times and everywhere we look there just seems to be more and more bad news. So this clip certainly comes as a refreshing little treat. We’re just curious what Captain America himself, Chris Evans, thinks of it.