The Woman In Black Sequel Scares Up A Director

The follow-up to this year’s haunted house chiller The Woman In Black has landed a director in the shape of Tom Harper. Harper is known in the UK for his work directing TV shows like The Scouting Book For Boys and Misfits, for which he was BAFTA-nominated.

The sequel, The Woman In Black: Angel of Death, is set to take place 40 years after the original during World War II when Eel Marsh House receives a bucketload of pint-sized guests in the shape of evacuated children. No doubt they’ll get up to all sorts of mischief to piss off the lady of the house – rearranging her petticoats and using oil-based crayons on the wall.

Jon Croker, who worked as story editor on the first film, has written the screenplay in cahoots with production companies Hammer and Talisman. It is based on an idea by Susan Hill, author of The Woman In Black. It’s a wonder why Jane Goldman wasn’t brought back for scribbling duties but as she’s working on another novel adaptation, she might be a touch busy.

The Woman In Black made Hammer history by being the biggest grossing British horror film in 20 years, raking in a handsome $127 million worldwide. Fortunately, the film had a tight script and proved genuinely scary in places so here’s hoping the sophomore entry into this franchise delivers the same. Due to the denouement of that picture, Daniel Radcliffe will not be returning for the sequel.

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Source:  Deadline