The Flash Movie May Feature An Alternate Wonder Woman


Day 723 of reporting on the superhero blockbuster cinematic universe speculation rumor mill. It’s been a long tour. This afternoon’s news concerns Wonder Woman, The Flash and a despatch box.

On the morning of February the 4th, in the year of our Lord twenty hundred and twenty, information was relayed to me via a despatch box – OK, it was actually We Got This Covered’s sources, but despatch box sounded more exciting – that Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince may make an appearance in Warner Bros.’ upcoming solo movie for the Flash. But it won’t be the Diana Prince you’re familiar with, as it’ll be an alternate version who we’d see on screen if this happens, as we’re hearing that despite dropping the idea initially, they’re now going to be adapting a lot of the “Flashpoint” arc from the comics. Which means the Wonder Woman we get will be one from a different reality and not that one from the main DC timeline. In fact, this version is actually evil.

The Flash is currently down for release on July 1st, 2022, so we’ve got a while to wait before we see if this all pans out. I also feel duty bound to inform you this Flash movie, which will star Ezra Miller, has no relation to the TV series of the same name, which stars Grant Gustin. You probably already knew that, but I have to think of things to talk about, too.

When it comes to Warner Bros. and their DCEU though, we all know how quickly plans can change. But for right now, at least, we’re told that “Flashpoint” is indeed a big aspect of the script and that they’re hopeful Gal Gadot will be able to cameo as Wonder Woman in The Flash. And given that these are the same sources who also told us that Kevin Conroy was playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and Han would return in Fast & Furious 9, we’ve no reason to doubt them.