Wonder Woman Set Snaps Feature Chris Pine And A New Cast Member

Following the recent Wonder Woman villain details, we have our first couple of images from the set of the Patty Jenkins-directed DC Comics adaptation. These type of pics usually come from outside sources, but this time they were actually posted by a member of the cast: Saïd Taghmaoui (La Haine, Traitor, G.I. JOE : Rise Of Cobra, Three Kings), who added the images to his Instagram page. We had no idea Taghmaoui was even in the movie, but here he is decked out in WWI garb, alongside Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

Obviously the snaps confirm that at least part of the movie will be set during World War I, but they also strongly indicate that Steve Trevor will be a fixture of the past only, and won’t be around to fight alongside Diana in the present day. So, unless there’s going to be some sort of time-travel shenanigans involved, it seems as if Warner Bros. are going for a Peggy Carter from Captain America: The First Avenger type deal with the character.

Wonder Woman stars Gal Gadot in the title role, with Nicole Kidman said to be in talks for a major part as well. The movie is set for release on June 23, 2017, and you can bet that we’ll be seeing a lot more set photos trickle out before then.