Wonder Woman’s Gal Gadot Congratulates Zachary Levi On Shazam!’s Success


Don’t expect the Justice League to reunite anytime soon, but the DC family’s still gotta stick together.

Shazam! released last week and it’s gone down a treat with fans so far, being met with a warm critical reception and earning a solid opening weekend at the box office. To celebrate its success, Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot congratulated her fellow superhero Zachary Levi – who stars as the aged-up Billy Batson – on social media, accompanying her message with an awesome shot of a Diana Prince and Shazam action figure partying in the snow.

SHAZAMING the world!!!” Gadot wrote. “Congratulations on  opening weekend! This movie is so fun, you all need to see it! So proud of you @ZacharyLevi! Welcome to the universe brother! We’ve been waiting for you. Celebrating you from 8,000 ft.”

Levi then followed up Gadot’s congrats with a hilarious thank you message. “Shawty, you da best,” he replied. “Thank yooouuu!!!”

The fact that Levi and Gadot get on so well will no doubt raise fans’ hopes that there could be some on-screen crossover between the magical hero and the Amazonian princess. This is actually something that Levi has championed before, having lobbied for a cameo from Wonder Woman in Shazam! 

Sadly, we now know that didn’t come to anything, though we did kind of get a Superman cameo. Due to the uncertain state of Henry Cavill’s future with the franchise though, he didn’t appear. If the trick was repeated in Shazam! 2, however, a Wonder Woman walk-on part with Gadot would surely be even more fan-pleasing.

Shazam!‘s opening came in at $53.5 million, and as you’d expect it finished first at the box office – beating out Pet Semetary, Dumbo and Us. Currently sitting at a worldwide total of $352.2 million, David F. Sandberg’s movie is set to be another sturdy winner for Warner Bros. though it probably won’t reach the record-breaking heights of Aquaman. Still, a sequel is all but guaranteed at this point and we can’t wait to see where the hero goes next.

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