Can We Expect To See The ‘Real’ Steve Trevor During Wonder Woman 1984?


Amid news that Wonder Woman 1984 had commenced production, last week brought word that Steve Trevor – yes, that Steve Trevor – was returning from the dead in order to reprise his role alongside Diana Prince of Themyscira.

It’s a comeback story that’s fueled all sorts of conspiracy theories online, as curious DC fans attempt to solve the riddle: just how is Steve Trevor alive and well during the events of Wonder Woman 1984? Or, in the more likely scenario, can we expect Chris Pine to play some form of doppelgänger come 2019?

The latter theory is out of the question, it seems, after Twitter user DanielRPK (h/t Screen Rant) informed his followers that, yes, that was the ‘real’ Steve Trevor pictured in a cavernous shopping mall, as Cheetah (Kristen Wiig) and Pedro Pascal’s mystery character will be leveraging villain duties between them.

If this is really the case, then Chris Pine will be playing the same character he did during Patty Jenkins’ first Wonder Woman film, which culminated at the moment when his WWI pilot, Steve Trevor, sacrificed himself in order to avert a full-blown catastrophe.

So, at least on paper, there appears to be a risk that Jenkins and her team are about to undermine their Wonder Woman finale. Then again, after turning the Immortal Warrior’s solo flick into a box office phenomenon, we’re inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Via Twitter:

And as any comic book fan will tell you, Steve Trevor has also died multiple times in the source material – in “Wonder Woman #180,” for instance, he was killed at the hand of Doctor Cyber, after Diana sacrificed her god-like abilities in order to be with her muse. Against all odds, he returned eight years later, replete with a new name: Steve Howard.

He was also killed soon thereafter, but there’s a caveat; the resurrected Steve Trevor wasn’t Steve Trevor at all, but the god Eros. Perhaps the most intriguing theory concerns “Wonder Woman #322,” in which the goddess Aphrodite plucked Steve Trevor 2.0 from another, Earth-like world and bestowed him with the memories, personality, and quirks of Diana’s one true love. Also of note? That particular issue was published in 1984.

Take from that what you will, as it’s looking increasingly likely that Wonder Woman 1984 will feature the real Steve Trevor when it lights up theaters on November 1st, 2019.

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