Wonder Woman 1984 Recreates The Georgetown Waterfront In New Set Pics


Wonder Woman 1984 is currently filming in the historic neighbourhood of Georgetown, Washington D.C., and locals have been surprised and delighted by the production temporarily resurrecting iconic punk store Commander Salamander.

Previously seen production shots indicate that the upcoming DC sequel is going to nail the 80s look, with Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor seen standing alongside Diana looking a bit bewildered about being alive while wearing a very 80s fanny pack. Meanwhile, we’re apparently promised a Wonder Woman with killer shoulder pads and a modish open collar, too.

Given that the production has gone to such lengths to recreate a punk clothing store (as seen in the photos below), could it be that Diana and Steve will be ditching the ‘explorer casual’ look for something a bit more safety pins and leather? I hope so, if only because a kickass punked-out alt-Wonder Woman sounds like the most awesome thing ever.

Whatever happens, this shoot is slowly filling in some of the blanks around the much-anticipated sequel. We already know the villain will be Kristen Wiig’s take on Cheetah, one of Wonder Woman’s greatest foes throughout the years. Word is that we’ll see her play the Barbara Minerva version of the character, too, an archeologist who gains her abilities when she interrupts an ancient African tribal ritual and steals their powers for herself.

Given that filming’s also taking place on the Canary Islands, we can be pretty sure we’re returning to Themyscira at some point. In addition, the promotional material that’s been released thus far has underlined the fact that this is all taking place during the Cold War, so we’re most likely going to see some kind of Soviet/US conflict rumbling away in the background of the narrative. Perhaps that’s why they’re shooting in Washington?

Either way, as production on Wonder Woman 1984 continues, we should learn a little bit more and once we do, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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