Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photos Offer More Of Diana And Steve


With Wonder Woman 2, Warner Bros. has decided to jump the gun and reveal some key details about the movie before they leaked – which is probably a smart idea. As you surely know by now, today saw director Patty Jenkins both unveil the film’s official title – Wonder Woman 1984 – and the fact that Chris Pine would be returning as the love of Diana Prince’s life, Steve Trevor.

It’s a good thing the studio acted when they did, too, as with production getting underway this week, set photos have now made their way online and one of them features both Gal Gadot and Pine on location. The other two, meanwhile, showcase Diana getting with the times and wearing an 80s-style pant suit. Oh, and look out for a car that’s been crushed by a rock in the background.

Check them out in the gallery below.

Photos we might have, but WB’s still keeping a tight hold on the plot of Wonder Woman 1984 at present. From the snaps above and those official images we got earlier today, though, we can begin to piece things together.

For one, it seems we can rule out the idea that Pine’s returning via flashbacks, as these shots show him in contemporary clothing which means that, somehow, Trevor not only survived his doom in World War I but also hasn’t aged in nearly 70 years. Has he been sharing an ice cube with Steve Rogers?

Furthermore, a leak has suggested what sort of arc Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah will have. Apparently, Barbara Minerva will start off as a friend and ally of Diana’s who wants to emulate Wonder Woman, but she’ll soon turn to the dark side and become her new nemesis. Now that production’s underway, we can probably expect our first look at Wiig in character to arrive fairly soon as well.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set to lasso its way into theaters on November 1st, 2019.