Wonder Woman 1984 Set Video Offers First Look At Cheetah In Action


With all the excitement surrounding the reveal of Wonder Woman 1984‘s official title the other week – not to mention the first images from the film featuring Diana Prince and Steve Trevor, respectively, being released – it’s important that we not experience sensory overload and remember what else the movie has to offer.

That said, one of the biggest talking points surrounding any superhero flick is that of whom the main villain will be. In this case, it’s Cheetah, who’ll be played by none other than Kristen Wiig. Though perhaps not the first person you’d think of for this particular gig, we can’t rule out the famed comedian churning out a memorable dramatic performance like, say, the late Robin Williams did in films such as One Hour Photo or Insomnia.

And while we’re still waiting on an official look at her as Cheetah (the photo from the other week only showed Wiig as Barbara Minerva), we’ve now got the next best thing: a set video. Yes, seen down below you can catch a glimpse of the actress on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 and though it’s hardly the best quality, she seems to be displaying one of villain’s powers. That being the ability to jump incredibly high.

Sure, it’s not much, but we’ll take what we can get at this point and from what we’ve gathered from previous announcements, it seems the sequel will follow Cheetah’s origin as seen in 1987’s Wonder Woman #7, in which Dr. Minerva’s hunting for an artifact in Africa that leads her to an encounter with the reclusive Urzkaratagan people. Following an attack on the tribe, only she and a shaman remain. Said shaman is about to claim the Cheetah powers in revenge when Dr. Minerva kills her in cold blood and seizes them for herself instead.

Of course, Barbara Minerva was just one of several to take up the mantle throughout DC Comics’ rich history, but it’s good to see that this is the version of Cheetah that they’re going with. It’s the right choice, too, as she’s probably the one with which most modern readers are familiar – especially if they sank their teeth into Greg Rucka’s recent run on the books.

With any luck, we’ll see a lot more of the character later this month at Comic-Con, when Wonder Woman 1984 shows off some footage to those in attendance. Until then, have fun digging into this new set video and let us know what you think of it in the usual place.