Wonder Woman 1984 Writer To Pen Mystery Movie For Marvel


First Warner Bros. brought in James Gunn to pen the script for Suicide Squad 2, and now Marvel Studios is apparently balancing things out by bringing in one of the scribes for Wonder Woman 1984 to work on an unknown project.

David Callaham has a résumé that includes such blockbusters as 2010’s The Expendables and 2014’s Godzilla. He also looks to have a pretty busy future ahead of him, which consists of work on Zombieland 2 and the upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot, along with the highly anticipated Wonder Woman sequel and whatever he’s doing with Disney here.

While That Hashtag Show reports that the Marvel script being worked on by Callaham is for a film, as opposed to one of those live-action shows in the pipeline, the details don’t get any more specific than that. If you wish to narrow down the options, however, it’s unlikely that this movie is Black Widow, The Eternals, or Black Panther 2, since all of those projects seem to have their respective writing teams assembled.

What’s therefore more probable is that this film is one of the unannounced releases from the MCU’s mysterious Phase 4 schedule. THS speculates that it could be the Dark Avengers script rumored last month, or perhaps the Doctor Strange sequel we’ve been hearing is on the way. It could even be the Young Avengers project that Kevin Feige teased a few months ago.

The point is that we don’t know, but at this rate, there’s a chance that it will be heading our way in 2021. In the meantime, Marvel Studios still has to wrap up the current phase of the franchise, which they’ll do so when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019.